Lizia Batla, practitioner of Aromatherapy and hair color consultant (western zone – India) for Swarzkopf (Germany) started doing intensive study and research in Feng Shui from 1991 after the birth of her physically challenged son. She started practicing Feng Shui professionally from 1998. Her Feng Shui teacher, mentor and Guru has been Master Joseph Yu, from whom she continues to study to the present day. She has attained the title of Master of Feng Shui from her Sifu (Guru) in 2005.

In 1998-99 she dabbled in Tarot card readings for friends after studying it for a little while. However her friends insisted that she read Tarot cards professionally as a lot of her predictions came true. She started professional Tarot cards readings from the year 2001 onwards after she realized that she was spending equal amounts of time reading the Tarot as doing Feng Shui. During this period she also realized that her sense of intuition had heightened and she wanted to explore this area much more.

In 2001 she started studying Indian Astrology from books and various teachers and joined Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan in Mumbai in 2003 for formal training in Indian Astrology and Vaastu Shastra. She graduated in March 2008 after completing her formal training.

In 2003 she completed a professional past life regression course in USA with Brian Weiss.

From 2003 to 2005 she also attended various short term courses/seminars organized by Hay House in America and studied under Doreen Virtue (Angel card healing), Sonia Choquette (enhance intuition), Eric Pearl (reconnection), Denise Lynn (space clearing), Dr. Wayne Dyer, Sylvia Browne etc, all this to enhance her life and that of her children.

From 2000 onwards she has been teaching Feng Shui to many and has 650 students in India who have studied under her. Some of them have gone on to become very good consultants. She has also taught Tarot Card reading to 60 students’ up to the present moment.

Her services include Tarot Card readings, Feng Shui Audits for homes, offices, factories, residential and commercial properties, Astrological Readings and matching of horoscopes for marriage; Space Clearing for homes and commercial properties, Facilitation and Healing.

Her clientele includes middle class people, builders, film stars, industrialists and Page 3 personalities. She does not charge a fee for differently abled people; however she does insist that they put in two days of voluntary service in homes for special people.

Jeevan Batla has been a seeker all his life!

His quest started from his 1st year on this planet. Riddled with many many physical and health issues that caused huge trauma in his life, he has overcome a lot of it, to do what he is naturally gifted at… healing!

His psychic abilities have garnered him many clients and well wishers, all who have experienced his gift to bring them change.

His formal entry into the healing profession started with him joining Access Consciousness and becoming an Access Bars Practitioner first, and then an Access Consciousness Facilitator, a Face Lift Practitioner and a Body Process Facilitator as well as other healing modalities!

His present clientele include many from various walks of Life.

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Access Bars

Rs. 13,000 for 2 Hours
Rs. 11,000 for 1 Hour

Access FaceLift

Rs. 15,000

Symphony Session

Rs. 14,000

Story of Lizia and her son Jeevan